About us

Blijf Groep was created from a private initiative in Amsterdam in 1974 and has been successfully campaigning against domestic violence for nearly 40 years. Blijf Groep is a professional and innovative organization that develops effective interventions in cases of domestic violence. In addition to developing forms of assistance for the entire family, Blijf Groep has, in recent years, gained a great deal of experience in assisting children who have witnessed domestic violence. Alongside of our shelters for women and children, we also offer shelters to men who are victims of domestic violence.

Core Activities

Blijf Groep's objective is to prevent and stop domestic violence and exploitation in relationships.

We do this by

  • providing, coordinating and organizing immediate, tailor-made assistance at home or in shelters to anyone who has to deal with exploitation and domestic violence in relationships;
  • developing and sharing knowledge about domestic violence and demanding structural support and attention for those dealing with domestic violence.


Our motto is that domestic violence must stop. We firmly believe that we can achieve this objective if everyone participates. Our focus is to make this happen, as much as possible, in one's own home, using one's own strengths and within one's own circle.  Of course, we are also available for situations in which this is not (immediately) possible.


Our vision for assistance is systems-based, focusing on the social context of the family and the environment and, where possible, the partner. We are future-oriented in our work and dovetail with the possibilities, skills and capacity of the client while helping him/her to translate assistance objectives into achievable steps. Blijf Groep utilizes a strength-based approach 'Yes, You Can!'.

Oranje Huis: A new style women's shelter

In recent years, the Oranje Huis (Orange House) approach has been developed.
This is a new style women's shelter for combating domestic violence; it provides care in a safe, open and familiar setting. If the security situation so permits, a family plan is made up.

Range of Services & Capacity

The Blijf Groep serves the two western provinces of the Netherlands: Noord-Holland (including Amsterdam) and Flevoland. There are crisis shelter services in Amsterdam, Alkmaar and Almere, and follow-up care in the other locations. The Blijf Groep runs the Domestic Violence Support Centers in three regions. In total, there are 42 crisis shelters, 5 emergency beds, 2 high security locations and 125 supported living locations in various forms (including 7 locations for men).

In 2017, more than 500 clients and about as many children were sheltered.
At the Domestic Violence Support Centers, a total of approximately 3500 clients have been offered a support program. We have carried out care more than 1350 ambulant support programms and more than 350 times coordination after the imposition of a temporary restraining order.

Blijf Groep has approximately 300 employees with an annual turnover of 23 million euros. Blijf Groep receives grant funds for its activities from five central municipalities, Exceptional Medical Expenses Act, funds, private contributions from clients for the lodging costs and incidental funds from governments, charities and companies.

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